Joe Warren

Front End Software Developer

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React | Node | Express | Firebase

React | Node | Express | SQL

JavaScript Guide

Bootstrap, jQuery



To create the structure of your web pages


To create clean and beautiful page layouts


To build user interfaces with JavaScript


To manage and centralize your app's state and logic.

About Me

I have always been passionate about technology, and I thoroughly enjoy the combination of critical thinking and creativity involved in programming. Each day, I look forward to tackling challenging projects and learning new skills. I am currently working with the front end team at USAA and previously worked at Call-Em-All.

I get great satisfaction from writing and contributing to code that provides the world with efficiency and as well as entertainment. I have an equally strong passion for helping and mentoring others. In my free time, I regularly connect with people at tech events and write coding articles for Medium publications such as and freeCodeCamp.

Immersing myself in the local tech scene and writing articles continues to provide new opportunities to increase my knowledge and build projects while connecting with and assisting others. But more importantly, my ping pong skills have ascended to another level so consider this a challenge!

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Phone: (469) 554-8486